The team had a meeting on 4 May 2018 at Tagus Park to discuss about the progress of the project.

Participants: Ana Paula Cláudio, Beatriz do Carmo, Carlos Martinho, Ricardo Silva, Ricardo Pereira, João Balsa, Sónia Seixas, Vítor Rocio, Daniela Melaré V. Barros (Colibri), Lina Morgado, Pedro Pereira, Anila Wesley and Elizabeth Carvalho.

A document with the current status of WPs was submitted to the FCT (based on information provided by all).At this moment the project website is being implemented, and will be hosted in the UAb. From now on, anyone who wants to publish articles about the project should make a call, creating a message in WP1 – whoever wants to contribute effectively, must respond within the deadline, and will be able to be included in the list of authors of the article.We should not forgot to mention FCT funding. Ana Paula Cláudio’s group created 2 courses with e-folios (one with 2-efolios and another with 3 e-efolios) in Moodle, including several students in each course. Beatriz and Ana Paula play the role of teachers.

The students have varied attendance standards and are distributed among the 4 team members (Catarina, Ricardo Costa, Ana Paula and Beatriz).

They are running some tests and adjustments at this point. They are having problems with the Amazon web server and need support from Vítor Rocio. They intend to start tests with Sónia Seixas students in early June.

João Balsa is looking for a fellow to continue the work in his area – it is difficult.

The dialogue editor is completed by Carlos Martinho’s group. The app is ready to download and run tests soon. It is being articulated tests with students of Daniela Barros (5 days of tests). Carlos needs information about the students, because it is not possible to obtain it automatically. The goal will be for the student to enter the data into the app only the 1st time of its use. It will use 2 approaches to involve the student emotionally – there will be 2 versions of the application.

It is important that students who participate in the test of the app do not participate in Moodle (and vice versa) – can impact the user’s evaluation;

Daniela Barros has 30 students to test while Sónia, 18;Vítor mentioned that Anila has developed a plugin (backoffice) that basically receives 4 input parameters, serving to add the virtual tutor implemented by the Ana Paula group;The webservices are up to date and ready to receive the threshold, sending data in xml and jason;It was verified with Ricardo Costa the protocols to be followed for inputs and outputs;Soon, it will be possible for the interface between the modules to be running at 100% (port completion);Sónia Seixas mentioned that there will be an event in Barcelona (Hands on Science), which she will attend, which may be interesting to submit something about the project (she will publish in WP1 details of the event);Ricardo Silva and Ricardo Pereira showed the current state of the work they performed with the avatars of the app graphical and behavioral level, to make them more friendly and affective. Ricardo Rodrigues showed the advances in the dialog editor for the app, and it is now possible to modulate the intensity of the feeling.