Universidade Aberta headquarters

Palácio Ceia
Rua da Escola Politécnica, 147
1269-001 Lisboa


If you want to use public transportation, the best way is to travel to Largo do Rato. Once there, you should take Rua da Escola Politécnica and walk 3 or 4 minutes to get to the number 147.


The following public transport lines have routes that pass in Rato:

Bus: 706, 709, 713, 727, 738, 758, 773, 774

Metro: Linha Amarela/Yellow Line



Lisbon facilities at Almirante Barroso

Rua Almirante Barroso, 38
1000-013 Lisboa


If you want to use public transportation, the best way is to travel at Praça do Duque de Saldanha by bus or metro. Once there, you should take Avenida Casal Ribeiro, then turn on your right on the 3rd street, that is Rua Almirante Barroso (6 or 8 minutes walking distance).



The following public transport lines have routes that pass near Saldanha:

Bus: 727, 736, 738, 783

Metro: Linha Vermelha/Red Line


Local Learning Center in Abrantes (City Hall)


Iberian Museum of Art and Arqueology (MIAA)

The Iberian Museum of Art and Arqueology of the city of Abrantes has a permanent collection conceived and designed by Luiz Oosterbeek and António Batista Pereira, that is organized in eight major categories: Roman Sculpture; Pre-History; Bronze and Iron Ages; Ancient History; Treasury; Modern Age and Middle-Age Art; Abrantes’ Middle-Age; Renaissance Sculpture; and Maria Lucília Moita paintings.

The museum was installed in the 16th century Convent of São Domingos. The Portuguese Architect Carrilho da Graça was responsible for the ambitious project of  renovating the building.

The permanent collections include pieces related to the local History alongside with pieces from broader contexts that include Europe, the Mediterranean and ancient civilizations from the Asian Continent.

Temporary exhibitions have their own space and currently you can visit the collection Figueiredo Ribeiro and pieces from Fundação de Serralves that include artists such as Guerrilla Girls, Helena Almeida, Hilda de Paulo, Julie Mehretu, Leonor Antunes, Lourdes Castro, Sanja Iveković.


Metalúrgica Duarte Ferreira Museum (MDF)

The Metalúrgica Duarte Ferreira Museum constitutes the materialization of the powerful influence the industrial compound founded by Eduardo Duarte Ferreira had on the region of Abrantes, on its people and way of living. Through the 20th century, the manufacturer brought technological improvements in agriculture and military, employed 2600 workers and built vehicles for civil and military purposes (namely, the Berliet trucks).

Deeply rooted in the memories and testimonies of the community, this museum presents and represents the impact of MDF on the lives of the local people that, as the manufacturer himself, experienced a period of wealth and productivity (coinciding with the production of vehicles for the Army serving in the Portuguese colonies) and difficult times when the Colonial War ended and, consequently, the volume of production.

The Portuguese Association of Museology distinguished MDF as the Best Portuguese Museum in 2018.


Abrantes panoramic views