There is a multidisciplinary research team involved in this project covering the distance education, pedagogy and technology expertise needed for its implementation. The complementarity of the consortium / team is as follows:
– End-users (online distance teachers and students): UAb will act here as end-user institution where the virtual tutoring will be experimented in context of real-life online courses. Experts involved: Prof. José Coelho (computer sciences’ trial); Prof. Pedro Pereira and Prof. Sónia Seixas (natural sciences’ trial); Prof. António Teixeira and Prof. Daniela Melaré (social sciences’ trial);
– Distance education, virtual pedagogic models: Prof. José Bidarra; Prof. Dr. Lina Morgado (UAb; Lab. of Distance Education);
– E-learning technology and practice: Prof. Dr. Adérito Marcos (UAb), Prof. Leonel Morgado, Prof. Elizabeth Carvalho, Prof. José Coelho (UAb);
– Anthropomorphic/Emotional Interfaces: Prof. Ana Paula Cláudio (FFC-UL, Inst. Biosystems) and external expert – Prof. Verónica
Orvalho (Univ. of Porto);
– Natural language communication: Prof. Dr. Vitor Rocio (UAb) and Prof. Dr. João Balsa (FFC-UL);
– Knowledge modeling: Prof. João Balsa (FFC-UL).
– Risk assessment/quality management: external expert Dr. Jaime Remédios.
– Affective Computing, Autonomous Agents and Synthetic Characters: Prof. Carlos Martinho (INESC-ID)


  • Catarina Alves(FFC-UL)
  • Ricardo Costa(FFC-UL)
  • Ricardo Rodrigues(INESC-ID)
  • Ricardo Silva(INESC-ID)
  • Ricardo Pereira(INESC-ID)
  • Anila Wesley(UAb)
  • Aníbal Guerreiro (UAb: Doctorate)