SIGQ_UAb operational approaches according to the A3ES referrals structure:


Referral 1 – Policy and quality purposes pursuance adoption
Referral 2 – Training offer design and approval
Referral 3 – Student-centered teaching, learning and evaluation
Referral 4 – Students admission, progression, recognition and certification
Referral 5 – Continuous monitoring and courses periodic review
Referral 6 – Research and development
Referral 7 – Inter-institutional cooperation with the community
Referral 8 – Internationalization
Referral 9 – Human Resources
Referral 10 – Material Resources and Services
Referral 11 – Information Management
Referral 12 – Public Information
Referral 13 – Cyclical nature of external quality assurance



“In accordance with the legal framework for assessing higher education in Portugal, the object of the assessment is the quality of higher education institutions performance, by measuring the degree of fulfillment of their mission (…)

A3ES, 2012. Manual para o Processo de Avaliação Institucional no Ensino Superior, Lisboa


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